Saturday, May 16, 2009

Web Bot 2009 predictions seem to focus on the US economy

2009 Prediction:

  • October 7 2008 to February 19 2009 will be filled with emotional intensity - Financial System mess (stocks start to crash)
  • Bottoming out of Financial Stock Markets between Feb to Mar 2009
  • From March to about May 14 - US governments "The Plunge Protection team" to keep the banks prop up.
  • "Summer of Hell" June, July were more bank scandals happen and stock markets again turn for the worst.
  • Global Coast Event likely in early to mid 2009
  • US Dollar under pressure until mid Aug - Chinese counterfeiting of gold coins?
  • Oil and Gas prices continue to rise
  • End of the ‘comfortable high tech/high consumption’ lifestyle and an involuntary return to lifestyle of previous generations
  • According to the web bot team 2009 can be summarized with a "word of the year" -summarize how life will 'feel' in '09
  • Oct 26 stock markets to take a turn for the worse again and will last until Feb 2010

Other Past Predictions:

  • the 2001 anthrax attack on Washington DC
  • the East Coast power outage in 2003
  • the earthquake which lead to the December 26 2004 tsunami
  • it is even credited with predicting hurricane Katrina and the devastating events that followed.
  • the stock market crash starting Oct 7, 2008
  • Bottoming out of Financial Markets between Feb to Mar 2009.

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